Post Holiday Relaunch of COVID Coffee chat with Global P&C

Where to go instead of the Coffee chat with colleagues. Contact

Home workers lack the coffee chat with their colleagues to bounce an idea.

Everybody needs that simple chat to sharpen the mind or to guide the train of thought.

Global P & C offers that chat one click away.

1: Present your question: like, what is your view on the root cause as mentioned in this attached report.
2: Forward some file material, like the report mentioned in the example.
3: Global P & C will review this material.
4: Global P & C will draft its observations and tap into its extensive experience.
5: Global P & C will provide an MS Team chat to conclude the service package.

This concludes the COVID Coffee chat product at a total package fee of EUR 150 excl VAT.

When further service by an assignment is required the normal fee of EUR 195/ hr excl VAT is applicable.


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